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TriWich started as a weekend garage hobby. And its turned into an amazing product/story.

TriWich Modular Mobility Solutions
Moving Shipping Containers, Aircraft, Semi-Trucks, and Machinery up to 320,000 pounds. From 18,000 lbs/tire Semi-Truck Dual Wheel Dollies to Shipping container trailers for trucks or any other shipping container equipment for forklifts, tractors or driving on the highway, you have come to the right place.

The TriWich Story

With a big enough lever you can move the world, right?

After breaking every wheel dolly in the market picking up his RV/5th-wheeler, a friend asked for some help. With a big enough lever you can move the world, right? A prototype quickly followed that successfully lifted that 5th-wheeler and a 20,000 lbs Semi-Truck. After reducing 80% of the metal and increasing strength 1000%, we patented our “Wheel Dolly” design.

Toyota and Peterbilt were our first Wheel Dolly customers. COVID then stopped the world, however, during that time we developed our Tri60 and spun a Shipping Container on sand. The military contacted us and we started fabricating solutions for moving containers with forklifts, tractors, pulling like a wage and then moving shipping containers down the highway with our latest patent “LiftWich”

Triwich Tri60 is 100% modular and is the true universal dolly

The same TriWich can pick up a supercar, RV, Semi-Truck, Shipping Container, 247,000 lbs Airplane, 320,000 lbs machinery! It’s easy to retrofit every dolly you own onto a Tri60 dolly, so stop inventing in cheap dollies you throw away. Get one Tri60 and you can move everything in your house with ease.

Our Partners

In our journey to revolutionize mobility solutions, our partners are the driving force behind our success. We take immense pride in our partnerships and look forward to continuing our collective efforts in transforming the way the world moves.

Our Customers

Inventor, Founder and CEO

Daniel Baron Goetsch

BSEE / MBA / Finance Six Sigma Black Belt , 4 USPTO PatentsInternational ExPat 16 years in Europe (Motorola, Siemens, Dell, Lenovo, JM, JCI) Operational Finance ExecutiveInducted into Who’s Who 2023 Daniel B Goetsch http://www.danielbarongoetsch.com/

Daniel Goetsch is the multi-talented force behind TriWich®, seamlessly merging roles as
Founder, CEO, CFO, Head Inventor, and Chief Engineer. With an MBA and Mechanical
Engineering background, Mr. Goetsch’s innovative spirit birthed TriWich’s modular mobility
solutions that have transformed the automotive and industrial space. His hands-on approach
has led the team through patented design developments and consistent market leadership,
exemplified by products like the TriWich® Automotive & Heavy Industrial Dollies. With a rich history in managerial roles across different sectors and his fervent passion for invention, Mr.Goetsch stands as the driving visionary of TriWich®, steering it towards uncharted territories of excellence.

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At TriWich, we take immense pride in delivering cutting-edge mobility solutions that exceed expectations. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our valued customers have to say about their experience with us. 


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