Tri-UP lifting containers straight UP 70”

Innovative Mobility for Seamless Logistics

“The Mobile Depot”
Off-load Shipping Container Anywhere

Five Lift Levels:

  • 30″ (0.7m) installing casters with overall height over 23″
  • 40″ 1.0m) un/loading containers completely level with LiftWich
  • 50″ (1.2m) Standard Flatbeds
  • 60″ (1.5m) Standard Semi-Chassis
  • 70″ 1.7m) Max Chassis 53 Footers

Four Capacity Models

  • 12,000 lb. (Empty Containers 20/40/53 footers) Order Now
  • 36,000 lb. (50% container) Launch May 2024
  • 52,000 lb. (75% container) Launch Customer Demand
  • 68,000 lb. (100% container) Launch Customer Demand

Highligths of the 12k Empty Container System

  • Tri-Up is 100% modular
  • 288 lbs./Corner (Largest Component is 70 lbs)
  • Fits in the back of a pickup truck
  • Automated with Remote Control
  • One person can install and operate the entire system of 4 legs* Off load a shipping container anywhere at any time.



Video Coming Soon

Patent Pending




Modular Tri-Jack 23" in 90 Seconds 5 ton and 8 ton USJacks Max 64,000 lb Container

This is an amazing product. We have two sizes:

  • Tri-Jack.2310 (Range 23″)(10,000 lbs/Jack)(40,000 lbs containers)
  • Tri-Jack.2316 (Range 23″)(16,000 lbs)/Jack)(64,000 lb containers)

The Jacks are modular and consist of our patented Tri-Lug, a Tri-Way , a Tri-Bar, two jack ears, and USJack Jack. They are modular because you can use them for so many other applications.


Easy to transport, assemble and use in tight areas not accessible to HD machinery: boats, aircraft, tight production areas.