2,400 lbs to 320,000 lbs systems

"The Universal Dolly"

100% modular / 20 lbs picks up 40,000 lbs
Started with a 3,000 lbs Safe / Now Picking Up 320,000 lbs systems
Safes, Cars, Engines, Semi-Trucks, Shipping Containers, Aircraft, Machinery

The First Tri60 T1 5,000 lbs Safe Dolly

We disconnected our TriWich from our Heavy Duty 18,000 lbs/tire Semi-Truck Wheel Dolly and added a tow hitch (Seamless tube) to the back. This safe was our first test to see if it woudl work. Work it did with 2″ square tube and 2″ angle bars . Application with Angel Bar Dolly: Safes, Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators.

Throw in some Tri-Ways and Tri-Bars and you could safely move Pool Tables, Glass Tables, etc.

Diameters Up to 25" / Capacity Up to 40,000 lbs

Casters Up to 40,000 lbs 100% Made In The USA

TriWich Promotes “Made in the USA” Casters Only. RWM patented the KINGPINLESS Caster which is recognized as the highest qualtiy caster globally. Once you experience the high quality of RWM, you never go back to cheaper quality casters again. We have partnered with RWM since 2017
RWM has over 10,000 casters (we know them all)

The First Tri60 T3 8,000 lbs 40ft Shipping Containers on Sand with Pneumatics

From Safes, we went straight to a 40 ft. shipping containers with 18″ pneumatic casters on sand. For the first time our T1 showed some stress, so we doubled our TriWich from 3/16″ to 3/8″

Pneumatics are the most demanding casters which is when US Navy and US Airforce called us after this video. We developed the SpindleWich and V-Wich for the military. At the same time AT&T contacted us and we developed CaddyWich and Tri-Jack Requests for tractors and forklift naturally followed. ForkWich Plus we had constant request for a highway system LiftWich

The First Tri60 T5 60,000 lb AT&T CaddyWich

Unlimited in Design

  • T1 (3/16″) The original (Semi-Truck Wheel Dollies)
  • T2 (1/4″) 2,500 lbs/Tri60 (7,500 lbs / dolly)
  • T3 (3/8″) 10,000 lbs/Tri60 (30,000 lbs / dolly)
  • T5 (1/2″) 33,000 lbs/Tri60 (99,000 lbs / dolly)
  • T6 (5/8″) 40,000 lbs/Tri60 (120,000 lbs / dolly)

T9 999 (1″) could hold 160,000 lbs (480,000 lbs / dolly)

Double Capacity with Tri-Corners

Picture: AT&T 60,000 lbs container dolly 2-95-NYB-1030-S

Pneumatic – 67,200 lbs/Container (Off-Road)

  • Nylatron – 198,000 lbs/Container (Tarmac)
  • Urethane on Iron – 104,000 lbs/Container (Industrial)

Shock Absorbing – 76,000 lbs/Container (Fragile Load)


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