LiftWich Gooseneck Jack & Tow Highway Solution

LiftWich Changing a $2Billion
Dollar Industry

-Reduce Rental Chassis 40-60%
-Reduce Chassis Maintenance 50%
-Reduce Your Chassis Graveyard 50-90%
-Easy Entry into the moving and logistics industry (PODS, U-BOX, U-Pack, Pack-Rat)

Use your Pickup for Your Business or a Mobile Tiny Home
Patent Pending

This section is to help educate / train how to use / install it. 


Installation CAD Simulation

LiftWich Version 2 Max Strength is 100% in CAD, which enables us to create animated installation videos. Here are the steps

  • Install V-Frame / Upper Corners with Tri-Plugs
  • Install uChassis / Lower Corners with Tri-Lug/Dynamic Corners
  • Install Container Saddles (two methods, front or back)
  • Install HeimJoint Strut (stabilize entire system for max speed)
  • Install Electrical (Electric Brakes and Lights)
  • Drive down the highway (Max Highway Speed)

LiftWich with 1 - 2 - 3 Axles

Our patent pending Gooseneck container tow equipment with modular container saddle axles enables :
  • 1 axle –     5,560 lbs axle (20ft containers)
  • 2 axles – 11,320 lbs double axle (40ft containers)
  • 3 axles – 16,680 lbs triple axle (53ft containers)
We offer a full Wrap container service from buying a container, graphic design, wrapped containers and delivery options to your door. We also offer to ship all the parts so you can build it yourself.
Currently, we are looking for a professional Tiny Home / motorhome manufacturer to partner with to customize shipping containers for personal and/or business venture.


Choose your Shipping Container

Select any container in the Southern California area and we can pick it up with a LiftWich.
The CEO at asked if we could take TriWich on the Highway He planted the seed so we partner with them today. Push the Logo and find a container at

Customize Your Container

This is an AMAZING FUN product / Get your LiftWich

  • Powder Coated any color you like

  • Professionally Wrapped (Graphic Support if needed)

Shipping Container Basic Modification
  • Standard Doors – Residential, Industrial or Security

  • Roll Up Doors – Standard or Heavy Duty

  • Windows

  • Shelves

Tiny Home Design (FY23Q2)
  • Internal – Insulation, Flooring,

  • Electrical – HVAC, Lighting, Appliances, RV System

  • Plumbing – Shower, Sinks, WC, RV plumbing

  • Window – Skylights


Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

At TriWich, we take immense pride in delivering cutting-edge mobility solutions that exceed expectations. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our valued customers have to say about their experience with us. 


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