Tri-Wich Payment Options

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Tri-Wich -Payment Options:

Zelle – Daniel Goetsch 909.582.9591 (after email quote)
Bank Wire/ACH – ask details from [email protected]
Venmo – See Venmo below
E-Check – Send email to [email protected]
Credit Cards – Bank Fee of 4% added
Financing – See Below
Physical Check – See Below

Physical Check:

10878 Camp Rock Road
Lucern Valley, CA 92345
Physical Check Notes:
Would you write a check to NIKI JUST DO IT

Make the check out to just “TriWich”

Individual Financing / SNAP! Finance

If you are a private individual with good credit, Snap! Finance can help you with a $5,000 loan. Request from [email protected]

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Company Financing / Reliant Capital Group:

If you are a company and prefer to finance your CAPEX
We partner with Reliant Capital Group to help you:

  • Defer your payments for 3-12 months
  • 2 hour credit approvals
  • Application only financing
  • Flexible terms 12-84 months
  • Competitive rates starting at 4.99%

Click link to apply

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Scan with your phone and make a payment

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Our Partners

In our journey to revolutionize mobility solutions, our partners are the driving force behind our success. We take immense pride in our partnerships and look forward to continuing our collective efforts in transforming the way the world moves.

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Daniel Baron Goetsch

Inventor & Founder

BSEE / MBA / Finance Six Sigma Black Belt , 4 USPTO PatentsInternational ExPat 16 years in Europe (Motorola, Siemens, Dell, Lenovo, JM, JCI) Operational Finance ExecutiveInducted into Who’s Who 2023 Daniel B Goetsch

Daniel Goetsch, BSEE, MBA is a highly accomplished inventor and entrepreneur, recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to the heavy industrial dolly industry. As the founder of TriWich, an innovative original equipment manufacturer, Mr. Goetsch has revolutionized the field with his visionary designs and patented solutions. With an extensive portfolio of patents granted by the USPTO, Mr. Goetsch has established TriWich as a leading provider of modular mobility solutions and customizable equipment setups.

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